UVO Beauty has been providing impeccable customize Eyelash Microblading and Eyelash Extension services since its launch just a few years ago. Ever since its inception, UVO has been offering some of the best services to beautify your eyes and make them stand out. 

Elk Grove is at the heart of Sacramento and is located in California. It is due to the Californian charm and the laid-back attitude of the people that UVO wanted to offer something unique to the residents of Elk Grove. 

Brings out the Beauty in You

The customized Eyelash Microblading and Eyelash Extension, that is offered by UVO truly brings out the beauty in you. As the saying goes that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it couldn’t be more true to what UVO focuses on. 

All the Rage

Eyelashes have become all the rage thanks to Hollywood or more importantly the diversity of America which shows just how beautiful eyelashes can make a person look and feel. The eyelash extensions done by UVO enhance the thickness, fullness, curliness and length of your natural eyelashes. This helps makes your eyes attractive and memorable. 

The Best Materials

The eyelash extensions used by UVO are made of the best materials such as high-quality synthetic, silk and mink to name a few. The materials used accentuate your look and up your eye game. 

Eyelash Lift

Another popular option which one should consider is the eyelash lift. It helps lifts the eyelashes on such a way that it makes them appear lengthier and more curvy.

Permanent Makeup 

If you are looking for the best place near me ect for permanent makeup then UVO is just where you need to look. It is the best place for getting eye brows tattooed and much more. It is a great investment if you invest in yourself. The permanent makeup is made to last. 

Semi Permanent Makeup

Anyone that wants semi permanent makeup done from a local place ect can rely on UVO Beauty. It uses makeup that makes you look natural and flawless. Pair semi permanent makeup with eyelash extension and you get the best deal.


The eyelash extensions are of different colors which range from brown to ombré, black and other colors. Depending on the look you are going for, UVO will complete it. 

Eyebrow Microblading

The eyebrow microblading is done with great care and precision at UVO. It helps make your eyebrows look their most beautiful self. Strong eyebrows that have been micro bladed appear more young, tidy and attractive.  

Training Classes

On top of the eyebrow microblading, semi permanent makeup, permanent makeup, eyelash extension, and eyelash lift, UVO also offers classes for training in its various locations.  You can expect excellent services from the moment you enter the UVO branch in Elk Grove.

The Ultimate Lash Studio 

UVO has fully expanded into a lash studio. If you want to get eyebrows and eyelashes that look just as good as Kylie Jenner’s or Huda beauty’s or even better then you need to walk into the Elk Grove branch or any of the other branches of UVO. It is the ultimate lash studio in the region.

Address : 9075 Elk Grove blvd.# 100A

Elk Grove CA 95624

Phone : (916) 683-1540

Email : Uvglamorous@gmail.com