Reasons to Get Ombre Powder Brows

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Have you heard of Ombre Powder filled brows? Wondering why should you give it a try? Not many people know that Ombre powder technique is not a new trend. It has been around for decades; however, with the passage of time, it has improved.

Ombre powder brows are just like the traditional tattoo method. This is because it will create a more defined and fuller eyebrows. It is much better than it was many years ago. This is because through this process, you can enhance the look of your brows and it will make you look appealing.

Still not convinced Ombre Powder Brows are better? Don’t worry, we will change your mind. Just read this article and see for yourself.

Less Painful

There are various methods for making your brows look fuller and better. Unfortunately, these methods are not less painful. This is what makes Ombre Powder technique special and better. In this procedure, the airbrush technique is used, which is less traumatic for the skin than procedures like microblading.

Another reason why Ombre Powder is a good technique is that it will not cut into your skin. This means that there will be no bleeding.

Not Invasive

The Ombre Powder method is not invasive as a small machine is used for achieving the final results. This machine will deposit fine dots of pigments into the skin using shading or airbrush technique .

Suitable for All Types of Skin

When it comes to your skin, it is advised not to take risks. Ombre powder brows are a great choice because it is perfect for various types of skins.


Though the results will vary depending on the skin type, preference, health, and lifestyle, Ombre Powder brows session will last for 2 to 3 years.

Looks Natural 

Long gone are the days when Ombre powder filled brows looked unnatural. With the improvement in the technique, it will provide a more filled in look that will enhance your overall beauty. It will look just like you have used a soft shaded brow pencil. In the star, it will make your brows appear bold and saturated, but it will fade up to 20 to 30% providing a soft finish.

Best Place for Ombre Powder Brows

In recent times, there are many studios offering Ombre Powder Brows service. The only problem is that not all studios offer quality and trustworthy service. Since eyebrows are part of your most important component, you should not trust amateurs with it.

Though this technique might seem easy to do, it requires a lot of practice, time, and skills. This is why you should only trust UVO Beauty to get Ombre Powder brows. We have a team of trained and highly-skilled technicians who underwent a series of test and evaluation.

Not only this, you can even take training classes for Ombre Powder Brows at UVO Beauty Elk Grove and  Sacramento locations. Ms. Vo the owner of the studio will train you personally. You will even get tips and tricks for Ombre Powder Brows. If you are interested, please contact us.


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