Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading

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For many women, eyebrows are the most crucial feature of their face. Whether you have fully arched or feathered brows, they will transform your face and make it more appealing. There are plenty of ways to make your eyebrows just the way you likethem. One of the best ways is through microblading. This is a semi-permanent procedure that will make your eyebrows full and thick.

Though this procedure seems to be simple, it is quite technical and challenging. This is why you should be careful when getting microblading. There are so many places offering the service, making it confusing to choose one. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed some do’s and don’ts of microblading. Continue reading to know which place offers the best microblading service.

Do: Research

There is no doubt, doing a quick Google search will give you the names of the technicians in the nearby areas. However, it is advised to do a little more research than this since it is your eyebrows we are talking about.

An experienced and well-established technician will have all the required certifications and licenses. While doing so, it is better to take a look at their previous work. A good and reputed technician will be ready and happy to answer all your questions and provide in-depth details about the procedure. It is advised to pay attention to the environment the procedure will be performed, and the equipment must be clean and sterilized.

Do: Prep Work

Once you have made the appointment, you should get things in order. It is recommended that you should not get your eyebrows plucked and waxed. This is because your technician will be creating the brow shape depending on the existing measurements. Every technician will take the measurements before the procedure is started.

Moreover, it is advised that you should not use exfoliators at least 72 hours before the procedure. The reason is that the chemicals may inflame your skin. In addition, you should not even take any blood thinners.

You need to keep in mind that your skin should be insensitive to the process as this will limit the bleeding.

Don’t: Have Unrealistic Expectations

You should not have unrealistic expectations from the procedure. For instance, you will not have fuller brows like Cara Delevingne in the first go. It might take a few more appointments before you reach that level of brows.

An imperative thing to keep in mind is that microblading is a two-step process and it is semi-permanent. It is advised not to expect full result after the first appointment. The strokes are extremely sharp; however, it will soften and migrate into the skin after some time.

Best Place for Microblading

Since there are many places offering microblading services, not all the studios provide quality and excellent services. UVO Beauty is an ideal place to get microblading services. We offer a wide range of permanent and semi-permanent services. We have a studio dedicated only to services like eyelash extension, microblading, and ombre powder brows.

All our technicians have gone through extensive training and evaluation before they work at the studio. Moreover, we offer training courses as well for beautician and technicians who want to learn these techniques. For more information, you can contact us.

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