Aftercare Tips for Eyelash Extensions

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So, you build up the courage to have eyelash extension. Now, the hard part is taking care of it. Eyelash extension is a safe and advanced way to enhance your eyelashes and make them appear fuller, longer, and thicker.

There are different types of extensions; the most common ones include synthetic, silk, and mink. Irrespective of the eyelash extension you choose, it must appear natural and make your eyelashes longer than your existing ones.

Generally, the extensions will last for 4 to 5 weeks if you take proper care of the extensions. It is advised to get a fill after 3 to 4 weeks. Many people have a challenging time taking proper care of their eyelash extension. This is because they don’t know what they should do.

We got you covered, here are the aftercare tips that you should follow. Have a look!

In order to make sure your eyelash extension lasts for a long time; you need to closely follow these simple tips.

1. You should not get your eyelashes wet during the first 24 hours.
2. It is better not to pull or rub your eyes as it might make the extension weak.
3. For making sure the eyelash extension stays on for a long time, you need to stay away from spa, sauna, and pool within the first 48 hours. This because the extensions need time to bond properly.
4. The most important tip is to keep your eyelashes clean by washing it regularly. This is because you don’t want your lash to appear dirty. It can even lead to infections if you don’t clean it properly. You can use a cleanser. After a shower, you should gently dry the eyelash and shape them using a hairdryer. An imperative tip to keep in mind is that the dryer must be on the lowest setting. It is crucial to dry your face before using a hair dryer.
5. When it comes to makeup remover, it is advised to use oil-free makeup remover. This is because the oil will weaken the bond of the adhesive.
6. There will be no need to use mascara, but if you want to use, it is better to go with water-based mascara rather than oil-based.
7. For protecting your eyelashes from UV light and make them deeper black, use long lashes coating.
8. To prevent the eyelashes from sticking together, you can use a eyelash brush.


Ideal Place for Eyelash Extension

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