Our Mission

We want to enhance the beauty you already have by boosting your confidence with our customized Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Microblading.

Our Vision

We strive to provide affordable, high quality services to accommodate all your needs. We want our clients to leave feeling glamorous with customized eyelash extensions and microblading for each individual’s eye shape.


  • We provide high quality services at affordable prices.
  • Highly trained professionals and licensed technicians that meet each client’s vision and expectations.
  • According to YELP, we have been voted:
    – “Best Eyelash Extensions” in our area
    – “Excellent Customer Services”
    – “Most Trustworthy”
  • Our studio is extremely clean and sanitary

UVO started a few years ago in a small studio in Old Elk Grove. With the wonderful raves on social media sites about our excellent services, our business has expanded into a full-blown lash studio with an amazing team of licensed technicians.

UVO is our brand and each staff member embodies our vision of professional and high quality services; all of our lash technicians are highly trained to achieve the UVO vision. Each lash technician must complete thorough training and evaluations before they are ready to take on clients.

We provide only the best quality eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading services because we specialize in these two areas only. Our limited services allow us to focus on these two services so that we can continue to strengthen our technique and provide 5 star quality work. Our goal is to meet your expectation so that when you make an appointment with us, we guarantee you the best service and experience.